Insurance designed
by people - for people.

We’re here to make you change your idea about insurance
from necessary evil to wow.

At Beema, we believe insurance should be helpful, reasonably priced, and easy to understand.
We create products that go beyond protecting the steel or the engine because we understand that your car is just the means, not the end. Our goal is to get you back on your feet, no matter what happens.
Our prices are fair. If your car is parked more often, it stands to reason you're less likely to have an accident. So you shouldn't be paying as much as someone covering five times your mileage.
Insurance is a science, but it should first and foremost be of service to regular people. That's why we don't hide behind obscure legal terms and insurance jargon. We talk to you in plain language. And we do our best to make things easy for you: whether you're renewing your car insurance or looking for information on your coverage, you're never more than two clicks away.
We are a diverse team who has one passion in common: take "standard" car insurance and evolve it into something completely different. We definitely reflect the multicultural spirit of the UAE. If we had to create our team in the form of a dish, it would be something like ful medames with labneh, a crispy dosa garnished with authentic Edam cheese – served with a tiny (but strong) cup of esperesso. Yummy.